✮ ƒishкing (xoxoknlove) wrote in kim_bum,
✮ ƒishкing

translators needed!

Hi, guys, this is a long shot but I was wondering if anyone in this community knows Korean enough to help me do some softsubs for Kim Bum's 2009 movie, Emergency/Flight/Bi Sang/비상

I, for one, really want to watch this movie and was frantically looking for English Subs but there is none unfortunately. The people who subbed the trailer of this movie were originally at Kim Bum's International Forum but that has been closed down (I believe). And I don't think any group as taken this as their project.
all I need are some Korean translators!

I'm an experienced Timer and Quality Checker and there is no immediate deadline. I think two translators would be awesome and more would be incredible! Experience not required but would be definitely useful if you do have some.

Again this is a long shot, but if you are fluent and ready to help, please comment here! Thank you! (:
Tags: !requests, *movie: flight / fly up / emergency / 비상
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